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Successful promotion is leaning towards conversational marketing, that is, it is not about how many “Friends”, “Followers”, or “Fans” you have anymore. It is really about how many actively and consciously engaged users have willingly chosen to follow-up on your business’s latest updates, announcements, innovations and stories.

Get Inspired by those Awesome Halloween Icons!

It’s Halloween! Crazy scary Halloween! We all put creepy decorations in our house or as a costume for this special night, but why don’t we transform our boring looking blog into something scary as well? How you ask? Super duper easy! Here you’ll find all the cool icons to put the Halloween spirit into your site!

Of course, these icons will be either pumpkin orange or black as a witch’s cat! These icons have illustrated pumpkins, cauldrons, black cats, bats, witches and tombs. Sometimes they can be dripping blood.

Who says Halloween is only for kids? We all were kids once, but Halloween lasts forever!

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